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Naamkarann Naamkarann is a story of an illegitimate child, Avni, who in a journey to create an identity for herself faces numerous hurdles created by her own grandmother, Dayavanti. In this journey, Avni realises that Dayavanti too is a victim of her past and learns to forgive her.

Naamkarann 14th June 2017

Naamkaran 13th June 2017

Naamkarann 12th June 2017

Naamkarann 9th June 2017

Avni’s mission in ‘Naamkaran ‘

Father-in-law welcomes newly wed Neel and Avni

Naamkarann 8th June 2017

Naamkarann 7th June 2017

Neel-Avni Aaye Kareeb

Naamkarann 6th June 2017